What is Microfiber Magic?

Microfiber Magic is a pressed, not woven, microfiber cleaning cloth made with billions of wedge shaped fibers designed to scoop up 99.8% of surfaces particle and bacteria. Due to its unique construction, it excels at cleaning surfaces streak free using only water. It's pressed construction also makes it extremely durable, so it'll be sure to get you incredible results for years to come! You can even cut it in to smaller pieces for ease of use or for different applications, without worrying about it fraying.

Since our cloths work so well with just water, they are the perfect way to cut down on chemical cleaners and paper towels. This not only saves you money but makes your home or office safer by reducing the amount of toxins you're exposed to by using harmful chemical cleaners. Reducing chemical use and paper waste is also great for the environment. (You can still use cleaners with our cloths but they may diminish its ability to clean streak free. If you do use cleaners we suggest keeping one cloth cleaner free for streak free cleaning purposes.)

Though our cloths excel at streak free glass cleaning, they can be used on virtually any surface. This makes them super versatile when cleaning. From glass to electronics to appliances and more, Microfiber Magic will help you get that pro streak free shine you want, guaranteed.

If you need to know how to use our cloths click here.