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Have purchased Norwex and other brands in local stores. These cloths surpass any I have previously purchased. Easy to use and great results. I also bought the bathroom one and am very pleased with them as well. I clean for a living and the harsh chemicals have taken a toll on my sinuses. These make my work faster and much more pleasant.


Great product. Easy to use, no harming chemicals. I used for countertops, my granite isle and glass dining table and works like a charm. The packet comes with three and that should last a while. I brought one to my office and one for the car. They are great product for the money. definitely would buy more once this end their life cycle.


I was teaching an afternoon class in the art room. This was a few weeks before school ended and the desks were covered in all kinds of dried art goo! As my students were making necklaces I went around cleaning the tables. You can not use spray cleaning supplies around students so this was perfect. It cleaned them all off and didn't leave any residue. I just bought two more packs.


Love these! They are so multi-purpose, I use them for everything. Love that whatever you wipe stays streak free. The sheets are large, you can cut into smaller sheets!


These cloths are the most amazing things ever! I clean everything with them! Cabinets, stovetop, windows, window screens (yes!), stainless appliances, countertops, car dashboard, you name it. With just a splash of water from a bottle, This cleans my desktop, chair, car seats, dash, windshield better than anything else. Saving the planet from too many wasted paper products and saving my wallet from too many chemical cleaners.


I got the cloth wet, wrang it out and started wiping my mirrors.. at first there were these huge water marks left of the mirror..so I wiped it again, and it just kept smearing them but not wiping it dry..thaaan..I went to get a paper towel..thinking the magic towel does not work...come back to my bathroom and my mirror is sparkling clean...not a single stain or smear....just wow! No spray cleaner has cleaned my mirrors this good....I'm in love!


I have a glass shower door and we have hard water in California so soap scum and lime accumulate pretty unattractively. I don’t like using toxic cleaning substances. I’m so pleasantly surprised and happy with how great this towel does at keeping my glass spotless. In two months I’ve not used any cleaning product at all on the glass. I’ve only used this towel. I have not one bit of lime or soap scum. The door is spotless and looks brand new. Such a great purchase.. 


Yes it is magic, can’t believe what that cloth can do. I clean my house almost everyday. I don’t stop cleaning, not at all. I do spend a lot of time cleaning kitchen & bathrooms this cloth cuts off the time I’m spending to clean, every spot that cloth
touch turn it super clean sparkling. Very pleased with my purchase! I’m going to place one more order making sure I have this to cloth in every corner in my house. I love it !!!!!!!


A friend was so impressed with these she had to tell me about them. Since we're not exactly the type of women who converse about cleaning products I decided they must be really something for her to bring them up. Got mine the other day and washed and hung them to be dry to use the next day. I was a bit skeptical but must say they do a wonderful jobs on both mirrors and windows. Awesome product and much easier than carrying sprays around when things need cleaning.


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