Microfiber Magic

Cleans any surface streak free with just water

Microfiber Magic 3-Pack

Why it works

Microfiber magic is made with billions of tiny wedge shaped fibers finer than 1/100th of a human hair. Now that's small! These fibers are shaped this way specifically to scoop up and trap tiny dirt particles like dust, fingerprints, smudges and even bacteria. The Microfiber Magic cloth is pressed, not woven like other cloths so you can cut it into different shapes and sizes, it won't unravel and it is very durable.  This means that you can reuse Microfiber Magic over and over again and with proper care it will last for years. It's tough on dirt but gentle on your surfaces.

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So many uses

Every day people are discovering new ways to use Microfiber Magic. Here are some of our favorites.

Woman sitting at windows

Microfiber Magic should really be called Window and Glass Magic because it works like a charm. Just wet it with water, wring it out completely

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Finally, wipe away stubborn fingerprints from your stainless steel appliances with ease and leave behind no streaks. Clean your microwave from the inside out. Bring

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Bathroom Sink

Ever notice that you clean your porcelain sink, faucet or mirror and it seems like only 5 minutes later you need to clean it again? 

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Removes break dust, shines chrome and cleans the windows. Inside and Out! If you’re as detailed as I am you want every nook and cranny

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This year we remodeled the kitchen and installed new granite counter tops.  I love seeing the reflections when it’s nice and clean. When we first

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Where there’s electronics there’s fingerprints. Are you constantly wiping down your screens? There are many annoyances that we have to live with but a dirty

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Nelson Morales
Salon Owner

I keep one for the bathroom. One for the kitchen and one for the living room furniture. The reason I use multiple cloths is because I like to designate cleaning supplies to a specific room. this is just my preference. In the kitchen I used the cloth for all the stainless steel appliances. It removed all stains from my stove top and from the refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher inside and out. In the bathroom, I used Vinegar on the hard water buildup on the sink and tub. The buildup was still on the surface and using the microfiber cloth I was able to remove the buildup down to the smooth porcelain finish. I use the cloth for mirrored furniture and it works great without using glass cleaner. The good thing about this is that the ammonia in glass cleaner was damaging or dulling the wood frame on the mirrored furniture. Since the microfiber cloth is only damp there is no water damage to the wood. I’ve use the microfiber cloth on the faucets and drains in the sink and shower in the bathroom and the residue is removed and the faucets are sparkling. I completely recommend this product. I did not follow the directions correctly when I received it and was concerned that the microfiber did not work. After reading the directions completely and washing the microfiber cloth, it actually works better after being washed in the laundry after cleaning up around the house. I now get and see the results that I expected when I purchased the Microfiber cloth.

Jody Sonnier
Does what it says it will do !!!!

Wow!! I have had other microfiber cleaning cloths, but this one is really and truly awesome!! It does exactly what it says it will do. My windows are streak free!!!!!!!!

A Happy Referral

Was referred to this product by a professional cleaning company…. WOW!!!!!!!

Love these!

They are so multi-purpose, I use them for everything. Love that whatever you wipe stays streak free. The sheets are large, you can cut into smaller sheets

Works great for cleaning any glass surface

These work great for cleaning any glass surface with no lint residue. I use them for cleaning all my mirrors and often give them as gifts.


These are amazing!!!!!! Makes cleaning windows and mirrors a breeze!!!!

L. Baggetti
Can't live without one of these cloths in my kitchen

A friend gave me just ONE of these cloths many years ago. It’s easy to use, cleans and polishes beautifully. Believe it or not, I have used that one cloth for all these years and finally decided it had seen its day. I used it to polish my kitchen surfaces — marble countertops, stovetop, you-name-it — every time I cleaned up from meal prep. I recently ordered a package of replacements and didn’t throw the old cloth away until I had its replacement.

Fantastic Product!

I clean for a living. Have for 30+ years. A customer had me try one of these on her mirrors of another brand. I was amazed instantly. Checked on Amazon for them but found this brand instead. Half the price of what she paid. Exact same cloth. Before they arrived I received an informative and entertaining email from the company as to what to expect and best way to use these cloths. In it, they said to pace myself, and not to get carried away with all these cloths can do. Well, I did not listen very well. I waited for my granddaughter to leave before I tested it out. This was at 10 pm. I had to stop myself at 11pm cause I was going and cleaning everything! Didn’t realize how dirty my house was! WAS! I am so amazed, and just don’t understand how this slightly damp cloth can clean from glass to walls amazingly equal without cleaners. I will always use these from now on. I’m sharing with everyone I know. Fantastic product!

Marilyn Tursi
Do Not Hesitate, Buy These Now!

I bought them to clean my windows and they are AMAZING!!!!! Just water and no streaks. Which led me to try them on my granite countertops, stainless steel, marble flooring and even my vinyl flooring …. AMAZING!

Diana Morales
It replaces all other cloths you may have

Great product. Easy to use, no harming chemicals. I used for countertops, my granite isle and glass dining table and works like a charm. The packet comes with three and that should last a while. I brought one to my office and one for the car. They are great product for the money. definitely would buy more once this end their life cycle.

Cynthia Martel
They really work

Have purchased Norwex and other brands in local stores. These cloths surpass any I have previously purchased. Easy to use and great results. I also bought the bathroom one and am very pleased with them as well. I clean for a living and the harsh chemicals have taken a toll on my sinuses. These make my work faster and much more pleasant.

Paul B
Works Great!

Friend told me about these, and very happy he did. No more getting the hose out, etc. this makes cleaning the bike after a ride so easy and quick. Normally in 10 minutes or less I can have the bike wiped down and looking good again. Just keep a small bucket of water there to rinse it out and wring it out good and it cleans everything off bugs, mud, etc. I keep two on my bike at all times, if you have a bottle of water with you a quick wipe down can happen anywhere.

Very happy brought some for a friend and as part of a raffle for our club.

Cody Summerfield
Definitely Recommend! Would give it more stars if possible!

I absolutely LOVE this product! i work at a subway and keeping our glass on top of our cold bars clean and streak-free at all times has been a total nightmare! Either the window cleaner leaves horrible streaks, not to mention only being able to use it when all food can be removed or covered with lids, and if you wanted it to look perfect you were going to be redoing it several times and even then streaks would cover the glass… Not with this beauty lol literally no window cleaner, no more rolls of paper towels, just get the towel wet and go over the glass ONE time! Not a single streak, just perfectly clean glass! This totally sounds like an ad now but i kid you not this has been a god send! If you have any glass that you spend hours trying to keep clean, this is what you are looking for! It couldn’t work any more perfectly! All of my owners other stores have purchased some as well!

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