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How To Care For Your Cloth.

How To Care For Your Cloth:

-STEP#1 "PRE-WASH": Before you start using Microfiber Magic to create pro streak free results, you'll want to prewash the cloths. Pre-washing will soften the fibers of the cloth to ensure it gives you the best results while cleaning. It also removes any lint and/or particles left over from the manufacturing process.

Machine washing is the preferred pre-washing method, just don't use fabric softener as this will damage the cloth. Bleach is ok to use when necessary.

If you're in a rush to use it and don't have time to throw it in the washer then here's another method.

Fill a large bowl or container up with hot water and add some dish soap. then take your cloth and submerge it in the water. Swish/rub/agitate the cloth in the water for about 5 minutes or more to remove lint/ particles. Then thoroughly rinse the cloth out.

-STEP#2 "DRYING":  Once you're done washing you'll want to let the cloth air dry.

If you want to speed up the process, you can throw it in the Dryer on COOL only. Heat will damage the cloth. Also try not to dry the cloths with things such as towels as this will make the cloths pick up lint balls that could diminish it's effectiveness. If you choose to use the dryer don't use softener sheets.

-STEP#3 "USE": Once your cloths are washed and dried your ready to start creating streak free surfaces. Just wet the cloth, wring it out as best you can (should only be slightly damp), and wipe down your surface. It's that easy!

When you wipe there may be small amounts of moisture left behind. This is normal and it will evaporate leaving only a streak free clean surfaces. If you find your getting streaks then your cloth may be too wet, try wringing it out.

You can also use the cloth dry for dusting applications.

-STEP#4 "BETWEEN SURFACE/USES": When going from one surface to another you'll want to thoroughly rinse and wring the cloth out to make sure you remove any particles, dust, or dirt that may scratch, damage, or cross-contaminate your surfaces.

In between uses you should clean the cloths in the washer again to sanitize them for reuse.(Again NO FABRIC SOFTENER)

How To Get The Most from Your Cloth.

How To Get The Most From Your Cloth:

MOST COMMON USES: Our most Common uses for Microfiber Magic are glass surfaces due to it's incredible ability to create streak free results. This includes mirrors, windows, glass French doors, sliding glass door, car windshields, glass table/tabletops, and more.


-Countertops: Effortlessly clean granite, soapstone, marble, quartz, solid surface, ceramic tiles, laminate, wood/butcher block, stainless steel, concrete, and more.

-Appliances: Whether you're cleaning your stove, fridge, microwave, toaster, coffee machine or any other appliance Micrifiber Magic will help it shine like new!

-Electronics:Dust or get pesky fingerprints, grime, or dirt of your phone, TV, laptop, tablet, monitor, etc.

-Auto: Safely clean tough bug stains, dirt and stubborn water stains off your windshields, mirrors, windows, chrome parts, finish, and interior. No Scratching, scuffing, or smearing!

-Instruments: Get the blood, sweat, and tears you put in practicing off your instruments. Great for guitars, basses, drums, cymbals, pianos, keyboards, brass, and more!

-Wooden Furniture: Use the Cloth Dry for dusting plications on a variety of wood furnishings.

-Flooring:Vinyl, tiles, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, etc.