Why You Should Clean Your Windows

Why You Should Clean Your Windows

Why you should clean your windows. Window cleaning and care

There's nothing better than looking at a clean window, or enjoying the sunlight warmly brightening up your home on a beautiful day. Clean windows improve the overall look and feel of a home, inside and out. But clean windows are so much more than aesthetics.


Here are four reasons why you should clean your windows and what happens when you don’t.


#1 Improves Curb Appeal

Having clean windows can help make your entire home feel fresh and bright inside and out. Whether you’re preparing your home to sell or simply want it to look great for yourself, sparkling windows make a positive impact on curb appeal.


#2 Boosts Air Quality

If the dirt particles and mold are left to accumulate on windows, it can actually cause allergies and respiratory issues for your family. 


#3 Saves Money

Clean windows allow the sun’s UV rays to naturally heat your home, which will help save you money during the winter months. The dirty buildup on windows blocks this natural heat source.


#4 Reduces Weather Damage

Regardless of where you live, without a doubt, the weather can cause damage to windows if left unattended. For instance, dry climates battle with dust, wind, and sand that etch the glass, causing permanent damage without routine cleaning. Meanwhile, humid climates can cause a buildup of mildew, algae, and mold, which can damage the glass and window frames and spread to other areas of the house. They can also cause health issues.


Problems Caused By Dirty Windows

Perhaps the worst problem caused by dirty windows is the fact that they can quickly make a home appear run down, which can also reduce the value of a home due to poor curb appeal. Then, aside from the unpleasant look of dirty windows, dirt and grime left on windows over a period of time can cause other issues.



When dirt and grime remain on windows for an extended period of time, the glass can actually become permanently stained. While glass window panes appear smooth and solid, there are microscopic holes covering the surface, which capture remnants of anything that touches them. Then, no matter how much you clean them, they won’t have that sparkling shine.


Reduces Quality

From being exposed to the outdoor elements and climate changes to collecting dust and grease indoors, windows withstand a lot of harsh conditions. In time, the buildup on window panes will break down the silicate, causing them to become porous. When this happens, they are less energy-efficient and those pores make the perfect environment for collecting allergens.


Damaged Seals

Just as the buildup of dirt and grime can reduce the integrity of the glass, it also damages the sealant around windows. Damaged seals will result in leaks, condensation, and mold growth. In addition to these visible issues, damaged seals equate to air flow, which can impact utility bills.


Keep Your Windows Cleaner

Window cleaning isn’t difficult, once you know the proper techniques. With a bit of practice and determination, it can become as routine as any other household chores. The general rule of thumb is to clean windows at least twice a year.


With proper care, windows are designed to last for several years. Having clean windows allows you to take advantage of the views and showcases how well you take care of your home.

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