How to Clean Windows without Window Cleaners

How to Clean Windows without Window Cleaners

Clean your windows without window cleaners


A brief walk down a store’s cleaning aisle will greet you with a plethora of glass cleaning products boasting phrases like “natural ingredients” or “streak-free shine.”


These alluring marketing tactics might even entice you to pick up the bottle, only to discover a strong chemical odor, alarming warning label, or a long list of unfamiliar ingredients. Without a doubt, these products may remove the dirt and grime from your windows, but at what cost to your health – not to mention your wallet?


Let’s face it, when window glass isn’t clean, it effects your entire surroundings – the smallest smudge or water spots can obstruct your view and regardless of the rest of the glass, your eyes always veer back to the dirt.


Whether you’re looking for alternative ways to clean your windows in an effort to move away from toxic chemicals or you simply want DIY solutions that are cost-friendly and effective, you have options. Keep reading to learn how!


Use The Right Method

Just as important as choosing a solution that addresses the window problems you’re facing are the tools and methods used.


  • A squeegee can help scrub away grime as well as give a polished shine. And by adding a telescopic handle, reaching the higher windows is easier than ever. Use the rubber edge in vertical or horizontal strokes and wipe away excess with a cloth.
  • When polishing with a rag or microfiber cloth, use “S” motions to buff away and leave a streak-free shine.
  • Avoid washing windows in direct sunlight whenever possible, as the heated glass causes the solution to dry fast leaving streaks. If there’s no avoiding the direct sunlight, at the very least clean small sections of the glass – time is of the essence when removing cleaner.


#1 Start With Water

It may come as a surprise, but plain, distilled water along with a bit of elbow grease is enough to whisk away those pesky spots. This method is especially effective if you’re an avid cleaner who doesn’t allow grime build-up. The key is using distilled water versus tap water, which has minerals that actually contribute to streaks and water spots on glass. Also, be sure to use a lint-free cloth such as the Microfiber Magic Streak Free Cloth. Many people make the mistake of using linty paper towels or old rags with detergent residue.


#2 Reach for the Dish Soap

Do-it-yourself cleaners work just as well, if not better than store-bought window cleaning solutions. In fact, many professional window cleaners make their own solutions. In a bucket of warm water (preferably distilled), add a few drops of dish soap. The dish soap aids in dissolving dirt and grease and is a great low-cost solution. Apply to your windows with a sponge and buff out any remaining streaks with a lint-free cloth.


#3 Make a White Vinegar Solution

Most everyone has white vinegar in their kitchen cabinets. Mixing equal parts of vinegar and water is a popular go-to window cleaner.

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