Here are some of the most asked questions about Microfiber Magic.

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Is this safe to use for cleaning CDs and DVDs?
Yes it is perfectly safe. It will not scratch. In fact, you can use it damp or dry. You can cut one cloth into quarters and have 4 cloths to clean dvd’s.  You can also cut a single cloth into 8 pieces and then use them for eyeglasses or camera lenses.
What is the GSM (Grams per Square Meter) of you cloths?

Our cloths are first quality 130 GSM.

What is your product made of?

Our Cloths is made out of billions of tiny wedge shape fibers designed to scoop and trap 99.8 % of surface particles and bacteria. It’s made with 70% polyester / 30% nylon that has been pressed, not stitched like other microfiber cloths.

What size are the cloths?

Microfiber magic cloth are 16 inch X 16 inch squares. They can easily be cut into smaller pieces for ease of use or certain applications.

How long does each cloth last?

One Microfiber Magic Cloth can last 5 years+ with proper care. The fibers become softer over time, making the cloth become better with age.  (We have cloths that are 10 ten years old that work great still!)

Do I need a special cleaning agent to use with this product?

No, no extra purchases are necessary. All you need is the cloth and water.

Do these cloths work on a cars?

Yes, Microfiber Magic is great for car use! Its’ safe for the finish and won’t scratch or wear it down. You can use it on your windshield, the body, the interior, rims, and chrome parts.

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