Easy Streak Free Windows

Microfiber Magic Streak Free Cleaning Cloth

Clean windows streak-free using only water and the Microfiber Magic ™ cleaning cloth. No kidding! You really do have to experience it to believe it. Imagine the most difficult to clean mirror or window. You’ve tried the rubber squeegees, blue liquid cleaners, paper towels and try as you might, they still leave lines, streaks and lint. With Microfiber Magic ™ and three simple steps you will get a perfectly streak free finish in seconds.

  1. just wet it
  2. wring it out
  3. and wipe

Soft microfiber and cotton cloths will not work well on windows because they leave behind too much moisture, Microfiber Magic is a low-pile, low-profile cloth and instead of releasing moisture it absorbs so when you are done wiping the little bit of excess moisture left on the surface just evaporates into the air leaving behind only a clear finish with no lines or streaks.

We are always putting it to the test on some of the most difficult to clean surfaces and so far we’ve been extremely impressed with the results. Here are 10 places where you definitely do not want to see streaks where Microfiber Magic was tested and passed with flying colors. It will eliminate the streaks, smudges and fingerprints leaving behind a polished and beautiful shine.

  • Windows
  • Kitchen counter tops (Granite, Quartz, Formica etc…)
  • Kitchen appliances
  • French doors and sliding glass doors
  • Brass door knobs
  • Car windshields, windows and headlights
  • Bathroom sinks, toilets and faucets
  • Shower doors
  • The chrome on your motorcycle
  • Your cell phone, tablet, computer and tv screen
  • Eyeglasses

The reason behind why it cleans so well is the way that it’s made. Our microfiber cloths are made by repeatedly pressing and intertwining nylon and polyester fibers together to form a highly absorbent material that scoops up dust, dirt and grim like a magnet and trapping it in its wedge shaped fibers, leaving the surface clean, shiny and without streaks or lines. Have you tried cleaning the fingerprints off of your stainless steel refrigerator? It’s nearly impossible right? Well, with Microfiber Magic it’s a breeze. Just wet it, wring it out and wipe them away.

Streak Free Microfiber Cloth Clean Any Surface with Just Water Eco Friendly Environmentally Safe Large 16” Size Perfect For Window, Mirror, Kitchen Counter, Appliances, Car, Cycle, TV Screen 6 Pack

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