Removes break dust, shines chrome and cleans the windows. Inside and Out! If you’re as detailed as I am you want every nook and cranny of your car to be clean, shinny and new. When I’m at the gas station I whip it out and polish the chrome and wipe down the headlights. Ever try using a squeegee on the windshield? Even the name sounds funny. Every time I use one of those things I end up with these long horizontal lines on my windshield. If that’s not bad enough, as a bonus it drips dirty water down the side of my car.  Who invented those things?  Trying to fix it just makes it worse. So now, I keep a bottle of water with me in the car and whenever I need to I just wipe it streak free with my Microfiber Magic cleaning cloth. On long trips it’s great for cleaning off dirty headlights and tail lights.  I keep mine in the glove box.  While I’m waiting for the kids to get out of Karate I listen to music and wipe my rear view mirror, dash board and inside windows.  It save me so much time and my car is clean all the time.

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