🤔Why You Should Reconsider Household Cleaners😲

Everyday we learn more about the dangers of toxins and their connection to health issues and the environment, and we take proactive measures to change habits and protect our family. You exercise, do cardio, eat organic produce, take vitamins, etc. –- so, why are you still using toxic chemicals to clean your home?

These Toxins Could Be Lurking In Your Home

If you use conventional, store-bought household cleaners, you probably want to check the ingredients.

#1 Rethink lemony-fresh cleaners: From the all-purpose cleaners and dish soap, to air fresheners and mildew removers, many household products contain sodium hypochlorite and phthalates. These toxins have been linked to digestive and respiratory issues as well as causing harm to the endocrine system, and issues with fertility, ADHD, and cancer.  

#2 Sudsing agents threaten you and the environment: Many soaps, shampoos, and laundry detergents contain diethanolamine and sodium laurel sulfate, which are considered carcinogenic. These ingredients can pose health hazards such as cancer and organ damage and also threaten wildlife and our water supplies.  

#3 Window cleaners aren’t worth the sparkling results: Window cleaners that contain isopropyl alcohol, ammonia, or methanol can make windows sparkle and streak free, but at what cost? These cleaning agents have noxious fumes and have caused eye and lung irritation, as well as chemical burns.

While we can’t avoid exposure to all toxins, take your family’s health to the next level and look for safer cleaning alternatives.

Choose a Safer Alternative

There are a variety of cleaners you can make with ingredients right in your kitchen. For example, vinegar and baking soda are useful in a variety of ways including disinfecting, removing soap scum, and even deodorizing your home. But, perhaps you should consider an alternative that makes it possible to clean the surfaces of your home without the use of any cleaning agent whatsoever.

With the Microfiber Magic cloth this is absolutely possible. These cloths are made up of very dense fibers, so compacted and plentiful in fact that within a single square inch of microfiber cloth, there are 200,000 fibers working to absorb dirt, grime, and bacteria with ease. Because of these compact fibers, grunge is wiped away, leaving surfaces clean and germ-free.

By switching to Microfiber Magic, you can enjoy a cleaner and safer home while helping protect the environment as well. The benefits don’t stop there – our microfiber cloths are reusable and useful for cleaning your home, appliances, vehicles, and so much more! You’ll also discover it saves you money in comparison to what you typically spend on multiple cleaning products and disposable cleaning towels, and when properly cared for, the Microfiber Magic cloth will last for several years.

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