How to Clean✨ your ” Dirty Glass Door” Starring Charlie the Cat 😺 !

Glass doors can get pretty dirty, especially ones that lead outside. If your glass door is covered in stains, smudges, dirt, and fingerprints then we have just the answer you need!

Our back door is mostly glass and gets very dirty. It gets especially on the outside with our animals pressing against the door with various body parts.

Just some of the stuff that gets stuck to our door.

Lucky we have Charlie, our glass cleaning expert to help us get all this stuff off our door so it can shine again.

Check out Charlie the Cat in his debut film, as he guides you on a journey to shiny streak free glass surfaces. He first assesses the damage then provides a wonderful solution with a step by step guide.

Charlie recommends Microfiber Magic for its ease of use and its great results. He guarantees you’ll have glass so clean all the cats in your neighborhood will want to stare through it!


Microfiber Magic is a chemical free way to clean your glass surfaces. All you need is water to get a perfectly streak free shine every time! Its pressed fiber construction makes it more durable than woven microfiber clothes and its wedge shaped fibers scoop and trap 99.8% of surface particles!

Watch “Dirty Glass Door” below!:

All he wants,… is some clean glass to stare through.

Charlie hopes his movie was helpful and enjoyable. Who wants to see more of him?

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