How to Clean✨ your College Dorm with EASE😁!

A video sent in from Mia, a UCF college student, demonstrating how easy it is to clean your dorm or apartment with our Microfiber Magic cloth. Just dampen the cloth with water, wring it out, and start cleaning! From mirrors and microwaves to bookshelves and desks you can clean almost anything with this cloth!

What Mia actually had to say (Customer Review):

“As a college student living in a dorm it gets hard to keep your space clean even though it’s so small. My parents bought me these cloths as part of a dorm care package and I couldn’t be more thankful!! This cloth makes cleaning super easy and quick! My roommate has reactions to glass cleaning products so the no chemicals part of this cloth is ideal for our dorm. No chemicals needed just add water! We use these cloths to clean all around or room but especially in our favorite spot to take pictures (our mirror) !! Thank you to the Microfiber Magic team we love your product!”

This is the perfect product to help your college bound student keep things tidy while they are away!

Thanks Mia for the great video and review! If you have your own video about Microfiber Magic, send it to us! we love hearing your stories and experiences!

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