🤔How Strong💪 is Microfiber Magic✨?

Wondering how durable Microfiber Magic really is?


And the answer is…

Not just pretty strong… VERY STRONG!

Unlike other microfiber cloths, which are woven, Microfiber Magic is pressed. This construction style makes it extremely durable and hard to tear or rip.

To test out the durability we thought of a challenge. We would offered ten dollars to any person who could rip the cloth.

With that in mind we grabbed a cloth and when to the best place we could think of to showcase the strength of our cloth, our local gym!

We met a few people who were up for the challenge, here are the results!

As a consolation prize and for being good sports we gave each of the contestants a free Microfiber Magic cloth!

No one claims the $10 prize,…

this time…

Do you think you could rip it?

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