Give The Gift Of A Cleaner, Healthier Life Without Chemicals!

It’s almost that time of year where you wait till the last minute to pick up gifts for everyone! That’s right, the holidays are coming up and soon you’ll have to worry about what price appropriate thing to get your co worker for secret Santa. Or you’ll be racking your brain to think of a gift for your friend’s white elephant party (You DON’T want to be the one with a $10 gift card thats just boring and only useful once). Well not to fret we have the answer to your problems.

Microfiber Magic Streak Free Cloths are a chemical free way to clean your household and auto surfaces. It just needs water and you can get a beautifully streak free shine with little to no hassle. The best part is they’re only $9.99 for a 3-pack! That means its price appropriate for white elephant and secret Santa events.

We did a test last year at our holiday party and it was a hit! We had everyone bring small gifts with a $25 limit on cost and played white elephant. If you’ve never played you should really try it, its loads of fun.

The Game Instructions are as follows:

White Elephant Instructions

Everyone playing is responsible for bring one gift under the $25 price limit. All gift should be place together in a pile.

Whoever is first goes to the pile an pick one present and unwraps it. Once done that person sits down and their turn is over.

Every person after the first person has the choice to take a new gift from the pile or steal a give from someone who’s already gone. If they choose to steal then the person they stole from can grab a new gift or steal from someone else. Only 3 steals can be done per turn and if the 3 steal are used up then the last person who was stolen from HAS to grab a new gift from the pile.

This keeps going until the last person goes and everyone has a gift.

When we played, our Microfiber Magic 3-Pack was one of the most stolen gifts. It seemed almost everyone wanted to get their hands on it! When we finished, we ended up giving some samples of the cloth to everyone who wanted them, as an extra gift. Once everyone left we even used some cloths ourselves to help clean up.

If you’ve been invited to participate in a secret Santa event for work or with friends, Microfiber Magic is the perfect gift! Not only is it below the the Price Limit at $9.99, but its utility in cleaning all sort of surfaces (such as class, wood, granite, chrome, tile and more) make it almost certain that anyone you give it to will have some use for it! I’ve personally given it to Musicians, Mechanics, Cooks, and many others and they have all have come back to me and said that they get the most use out of my gift than almost any other gifts they receive!

Not only do you get to help your friends and family live cleaner, healthier lives without the use of chemicals but you get to give them a gift they’ll use and enjoy for years to come! Plus, you don’t have to deal will the hustle and bustle of an actual store. You can stay cozy in your PJs and order them straight from the comfort of your own home!

If you’re interested in ordering some Microfiber Magic this season just click on the link below to access our amazon store!


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